Communication is easier than ever with ChatPlus.

Live Streaming & Chat Solutions

The Live Streaming and Chat solutions are so popular in every online community nowadays. These are obviously great tools for users to create exciting video content and do video or voice calls within the community.

People always love to interact with others, so we believe Live Streaming and ChatPlus are the best solutions to engage your own community.


Advance Messaging

Share Photos, Videos, GIFs, Files or Emojis. ChatPlus also allows you to add reactions and responds to a message.

Group Chats

Create private or public groups and enjoy sharing your favourite topics. Broadcast a message to your friends at once.

Voice & Video Call

Stay connected with direct calls and conference calls using voice or video with support for multiple users. 

The Complete Chat Solutions

Voice Call
Make a quick call with your fellow community member or do a group call to discuss a topic with maximum users of 50. Voice call is one among the significant features of all chat solutions out there, and we are no different.

Video Call
Enjoy the benefit of seeing one another when land and water separates us. Video calls make us closer to one another and create an immediate impact. We have also included video conferencing for up to 50 users.

Advance Features

  • One-on-one chat between Agent and renters
  • Walkthrough Presentation of Properties
  • Organize Meetings / Group Chat
  • Monitor Projects
  • Initiate Background Checks
  • View Listings
  • Send Documents / Docusign Rental Contracts
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